Re-Elect Dave Young for DA

A Devoted Career

As a prosecutor for over 24 years, I have devoted my career to fighting crime and keeping our community safe. As your elected District Attorney I will prosecute violent offenders, keep drugs off of our streets, protect the elderly from abuse, seek restitution for victims, keep our kids in school, and lead the District Attorney's office with humility and honor.

Three Guiding Principles

As your elected District Attorney I have relied on three principles; leadership, experience and integrity. In my 24 years as a prosecutor, I have prosecuted thousands of cases, including over 100 jury trials, and over 30 murder trials. I have served in leadership positions in every corner of the District Attorney's office, supervising trial lawyers, homicide prosecutions, victims' services and investigations. My number one priority as a prosecutor is to protect the community and to seek justice for victims of crime. Doing so with integrity means prosecuting all crimes, no matter the wealth or political position of the offender, while ensuring that all participants in the criminal justice system are treated with dignity and respect.

Pledge for a Safe Community

I am seeking Re-Election for District Attorney to continue to keep our community safe and to keep leadership, experience and integrity to Adams and Broomfield counties. Thank you for your support.

-Dave Young