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"Dave Young has the heart and courage of a public servant, and that is why over two decades he has given his life to make our communities safer. I am proud to support his life mission to continue to serve the people of Adams and Broomfield Counties with distinction as District Attorney."  - Ken Salazar


"It was my pleasure to work with District Attorney Dave Young for more than 10 years. I was consistently impressed with his commitment to public safety and his bulldog efforts to remove violent criminals from our neighborhoods and hold them accountable for their crimes. Under his leadership the Adams County District Attorney’s Office has successfully prosecuted more felony cases per attorney than any other Colorado Judicial District.

Dave is not afraid to make the tough decisions. He understands that every leader has to be dedicated and strong enough to fulfill their responsibilities. He was the lead prosecutor regarding an incredibly difficult County corruption case that involved many defendants and six multi-count convictions. Every one of the primary prosecutions was successful.

Dave Young has been a great partner in our efforts to serve the community and make Adams County neighborhoods safe places for people to raise their families. I sincerely appreciate his leadership within the Public Safety community and his hard work to make Adams County a better place to live and work. He has earned my trust and respect."  - Doug Darr, Adams County Sheriff (retired)


"In our time of grief, it was comforting to know District Attorney Dave Young was there for us.  He treated our family with the utmost respect, was always attentive to answering our questions, and keeping us informed throughout the trial.  We greatly appreciate his honesty and we will forever be grateful for the hard work he put into the trial to ensure justice was served."Leroy and Sondra Archuleta


"Experiencing the work of District Attorney Dave Young first hand, we are confident in saying he is an attorney with the highest level of integrity and compassion for the people he represents.  During the entire length of the trial, he effortlessly created an environment that made us feel as though he were focusing only on our case, 100% of the time.  He was always prepared and honest about possible outcomes, even if an outcome was not what we desired.  His approach and honesty always gave us comfort."Dean and Lori Montoya


A Devoted Career

As a prosecutor for over 24 years, I have devoted my career to fighting crime and keeping our community safe. As your elected District Attorney I will prosecute violent offenders, keep drugs off of our streets, protect the elderly from abuse, seek restitution for victims, keep our kids in school, and lead the District Attorney's office with humility and honor.

Three Guiding Principles

As your elected District Attorney I have relied on three principles; leadership, experience and integrity. In my 24 years as a prosecutor, I have prosecuted thousands of cases, including over 100 jury trials, and over 30 murder trials. I have served in leadership positions in every corner of the District Attorney's office, supervising trial lawyers, homicide prosecutions, victims' services and investigations. My number one priority as a prosecutor is to protect the community and to seek justice for victims of crime. Doing so with integrity means prosecuting all crimes, no matter the wealth or political position of the offender, while ensuring that all participants in the criminal justice system are treated with dignity and respect.

Pledge for a Safe Community

I am seeking Re-Election for District Attorney to continue to keep our community safe and to keep leadership, experience and integrity in the 17th Judicial District Attorneys Office.  The 1,740 registered democrats of Adams and Broomfield counties that signed the petition to put me on the primary ballot all agree that public safety is their priority for their elected District Attorney.   I am the only qualified candidate with a proven track record of keeping the community I live in safe.  Thank you for your support.

-Dave Young

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